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How to beat wellness guilt

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Do you have wellness guilt? Let me explain. Do you have guilt associated with making healthy choices and extending effort toward health if it isn't the MOST healthy option of all the options?  For example, if you stick to the edges of the store and buy produce, but then feel bad, because you feel you should have bought all organic. How about buying all that produce and then never taking the time to cut it up and then it goes bad in your fridge, leading to guilt about the money you just wasted?  Or taking a long walk, but feeling like you should be doing something more intense so you sweat? How about feeling instantly guilty about resting, watching Netflix or reading because you know you still have tons of laundry that could be done? So instead, you scroll and waste 45 minutes and don't do either!?  Sound familiar?

Over 2 years of coaching clients and hearing their thoughts, their fears, their struggles and where they draw their strength I've come to the realize that wellness guilt is REAL and can be a huge limiting factor in our abilities to get healthy.  I would put my money on society, marketing and social media as being the main culprits for creating this never good enough mentality.  Over the last 40 years there has