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A health coachs' perspective on Hellofresh

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Hello Fresh is among one of the many meal delivery services out there that send you healthy meals directly to your door. If you aren't privy to what these companies do, they send you pre-portioned ingredients and step by step directions to create a healthy-ish meal at home. My partner and I spent a little over a year receiving these boxes from February of 2019 to about March 2020. We took a few weeks off here and there, but I can confidently say that we made well over 100 meals in that time, so we put in the work for this review! Our main reason for getting them during that time was because we were very, very busy. My partner was working on his masters degree, while working at times 50-60 hours at his job. I was finishing up my coaching degree, had picked up a late evening part time position on top of my yoga classes and would eventually open my office and start my business during that time. Let me tell you these came in handy! We recently signed up to get another week of meals after discussing how we felt about them overall, which prompted this review.

Hello Fresh has several different box types and meal options each week to choose from. They offer meat & veggies, veggie, family friendly and low calorie and you can order between 2-5 meals each week. The number of meals you purchase will bring down your amount for eac