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Your Body | Your Yoga Program

An individualized yoga exploration

This 6 week program is fully focused on finding your best yoga alignment and cultivating physical and mental balance.

You will begin with physical assessments to determine your muscle strengths and weaknesses.  Care will be taken to find chronically tight muscles and fascia.  Specific postures and variations will be recommended to support your body currently and your goals going forward. 

Sessions can be geared toward stress relief, gaining strength and stamina, flexibility, or learning foundational yoga alignment all while keeping in mind the participants current needs and future goals.

Who is this program for?

  • Beginners looking to lay a strong foundation of knowledge before heading into group classes.

  • Advanced practitioners looking to find more depth and connection in their practice.

  • Those who feel like their specific needs are never addressed in the group classes they attend.

  • Those with physical limitations or goals they would like to accommodate for.

- 6 Weekly Sessions -



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