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Prana Program

A multi-faceted approach to your wellness journey

The Prana Program is Rachel's signature and her favorite to work clients through.  A mix of ancient yogic philosophy and modern science; will allow you to tap into the power of movement, nutrition and mindfulness to affect lasting lifestyle changes. Based on the yogic concepts of svadhyaya meaning self study, this program is designed to create deep awareness and connection, so that the participant can find a better sense of self and ultimately a better foundation to build upon. 

With one goal in mind: cultivate more balance and energy, so that the participant can thrive!

During the twelve weeks of assessments, nutrition consulting and coaching-the client will discover their ideal plan for their personal health journey for now and for later.  They will gain a deeper insight into their personality traits; how they help and sometimes hinder, plus how to use that information to continue to create goals(and crush them!) going forward.  Through a comprehensive approach clients will utilize the eight dimensions of wellness to create a holistic approach to health; ultimately balancing mind, body and spirit. 

Intended for those looking for a deeply personalized and interactive wellness experience. 

This program is great for those who have specific wellness goals, as well as those who aren't quite sure where to begin.


  • 12 weeks of weekly nutrition and wellness consulting - 45 minute sessions - Virtual or in person 

  • Multiple assessments and tests in the physical, mental, personality and lifestyle.

  • Personalized healthy living binder

  • Calorie and macro/micro-nutrient monitoring if needed

  • Information on a variety of wellness practices to support each participants individual goals

  • Deepened awareness around lifestyle and habits

  • Learn the basics of healthy eating and how to eat for specific health concerns

  • Freedom from thinking of foods as "off limits"

  • Get more in tune with personality and motivators

  • Learn how to reframe thoughts utilizing cognitive behavior therapy

  • Learn how to live a more passion driven, holistic and aligned life

  • Complimentary post program check up session (must be completed within 45 days of last appointment) 



* Option to add a 45 minute personal training session for $35 per session

$995 w/personal training option 


Monthly option - $350 payment via auto pay

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