Frequently asked questions

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is a wellness support modality that is 100% client focused. As your health coach I will provide you with accountability and knowledge t o get you feeling healthier faster. Coaching is extremely beneficial to those who include it in their wellness journey, as they are able to utilize their coach to work through current and potential road blocks quicker than someone who isn't working with a coach.

Why do I have to buy a package to work with you?

As your coach I am here to keep you accountable and nudge you to do the hard things, so to say. Purchasing a package signals you are ready to invest in yourself and take the first step. The coaching process although fun and empowering can be tough at times. Sometimes, the money invested can be the driver that pushes you to keep going when you might want to give up.

How many sessions should I have each week?

Every one is different and the amount of time and effort involved to reach a goal varies from person to person. Typical session ranges are once a week for health coaching and nutrition consulting and 2-3 sessions a week for personal training.

What is whole food based nutrition?

Whole food nutrition is just that! Whole foods or we might say un-processed foods that haven't been broken down or are still very close to their original form, with minimal modifications. I can help you create meal plans that rely more on these whole foods than on their processed variations. For example: Whole food- Apple Whole food variant - Homemade applesauce with skin Processed food- Artificially flavored apple drink

Are you going to make me give up my favorite foods?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. I believe there is room in every diet for "fun" foods and do not believe that incorporating them makes you less healthy in the long run. Learning balance and moderation is key in finding long term success.

How long will it take me to reach my goal?

Again, everyone is different and so too different goals equate to different amounts of time to reach them. Some clients walk in with goals that are easily broken down and achieved in 12 weeks of coaching, others come in with larger goals that are still a few years off. Both can achieve leaps and bounds during their time spent coaching.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Personally, I think coaching is for everyone, but I may be biased! A good rule of thumb can be to think about how long you've been thinking about a certain goal. How long have you wanted to have more energy, move better, feel better? To start something new, but not know where to begin? Often times I find my clients have been pondering for months to years. If you find you have been thinking about a goal for awhile, but really don't know where to begin or if you have been working towards your goal without much progress-it could be time to reach out.

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