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Rachels mission is to help all of her clients live the healthiest and most connected lives they can. She understands that every person's story is different and unique, so in order to reach their goals she offers a variety of approaches. Through a decade of experience in the wellness industry, a multitude of certifications and a degree in creating behavior change; she provides multi-faceted wellness coaching and the positive reinforcement you need to make big lifestyle changes stick.    

From yoga to personal training and from targeted nutrition consulting to life coaching- 

Rachel helps clients implement real, lasting change that they are in search of.  Knowledgeable and empathetic, Her simplified approach creates a space for clients to focus on their goals and ditch the fads.  

Rachel aims to keep coaching affordable and accessible to provide wellness for all. Take a look at some of the services she offers, and please get in touch if you have any questions.   
All prospective clients get a free fifteen-minute phone consultation to see if coaching is right for them. 

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Yoga is the ultimate tool to create connection and unity with ourselves.  It can help bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be, while simultaneously helping us find contentment with the process.  It also has the added benefits of positively impacting every system in the body; allowing for increased muscle and bone strength, better flexibility, improving balance and supporting a healthy stress response.An individualized approach means you see and feel those benefits sooner.

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Holistic Life Coaching

Through holistic life coaching, clients can find a deeper sense of self and live a more genuine life-whatever that may look like to them.  A whole body/whole life approach allows for meaningful and lasting change.  Whether it be creating balance within a schedule, weight loss goals or learning tools to combat negative self talk; life coaching can dive in to a multitude of life's issues. Through a goals based approach, coaching allows the client to put themselves on a new path.

Sports Equipment

Personal Training

Every person has a story and as we age many of those stories show up physically in our bodies.  Old sports injuries, hours sitting at a desk or behind the wheel, and an overall decline in activity can lead to a lot of dysfunction resulting in pain.  A vast majority of muscle and joint pain is actually caused from muscle imbalances, not from a "bad back" or a "bum knee" that can seemingly never be healed.  Through intelligently designed programs that include strengthening and stretching, as well as, targeted fascia work- balance can be achieved and pain can be managed or eliminated. 
Although Rachel's approach to fitness is simplistic and approachable, it is never boring.  Rachel enjoys sharing her anatomy knowledge with clients about how the body and muscles work and how to use that information to their advantage.


Nutrition Consulting

In a world of excess, Rachel understands the power of food and the importance of a nutrient dense diet.  She again employs a simplistic approach to nutrition and hopes to streamline the process for clients who are in need of assistance.  Rachel offers nutrition consulting and support in the areas of weight loss, diabetes, heart disease and vascular disorders, such as migraine and high/low blood pressure.  With the right combination of nutrition and supplements, as well as support throughout the process, clients can find better health overall.

Computer Office Work

Corporate Wellness Programing

Healthy employees equate to a healthier and more productive business overall.  A former desk warrior herself, Rachel understands the needs of those who work in a corporate setting.  Forty plus hours in a seated position, limited sun exposure, rushed lunches, an over stimulated brain coupled with an under stimulated body, can lead to an overall feeling of unwell.  On a contract basis, Rachel provides ongoing monthly programming, coaching and periodic onsite wellness to businesses that want to implement positive changes for their employees health.


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