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Who is Rachel?   

Rachel is an animal lover and mega-nature enthusiast.  She has a constant travel itch-bonus points if there is a beach involved! She is solar powered! She enjoys a sweaty HIIT work out equally as much as a gentle walk around the block with her dog.  Her biggest passion is yoga in all its forms.  She’s a lover of all things holistic and is continually on the hunt for that perfect balance to life-and also knows that it really doesn’t exist! A chronic under sleeper and caffeine addict.  She’s human and authentic.  She’s open, engaging and kind.  She’s a lifelong learner and factoid collector and loves passing her knowledge on to her clients.  She's a wellness industry vet with a variety of skills and areas of expertise that influence and assist her in each coaching session.  Learn more.


"Balance is not something you find,

It is something you create."

                           MISSION STATEMENT

Rachel provides holistic wellness to the Kansas City community by cultivating and encouraging growth of a mind body unity.  Through compassionate and intelligent coaching, clients can begin to feel like the best version of themselves.

ho-lis-tic;  characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental,social and lifestyle factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of dysfunction.

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Rachel focuses less on teaching me how to “do yoga right” and more on teaching the “right yoga for me.” She is flexible and personalized in her approach, and she has taught me valuable techniques within my capabilities and aimed at addressing my particular goals.

Adding even modest amounts of yoga to my daily regimen has improved my stability, flexibility, and posture, and most importantly, has helped me reduce the severity of chronic pain and to resume activities like running and swimming.

I am a highly active 63-year old male and had never practiced yoga. I have been impressed by its range—seemingly simple poses can be physically demanding while others are entirely relaxing and restorative. Even learning to breathe with intentionality helps me manage daily stress and pain. Yoga is worth beginning at any age.

-David W.

One on one yoga client


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