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​Yoga Class Descriptions

  • Yin Yang* - A mix of both yin/restorative and flow yoga.  Designed to create balanced energy and body alike.  A great Monday class to set your tone for the week ahead.

  • Hot Flow - This class is an intermediate flow in a heated environment. Heat generally reaches a peak of about 95 degrees.  Designed to invigorate and move out stagnant energy and challenge the physical.

  • Vinyasa - A physically challenging flow class that encourages breath awareness and control.  

  • Sunrise Restore* - Gentle early morning class using gentle and restorative postures to create a very relaxing environment. Mostly lying postures in a darkened room.

  • Hatha Flow* - an upbeat version of a traditional hatha.  More flow and core to create deeper stretching and strengthening.

  • Chair* - A chair centered class comprised of mostly active seniors, with a welcoming and community feel. Class works on moving all joints, working on balance and gentle muscle strengthening.

*Classes appropriate for beginners.

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