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Coaching Continuum
Discovery Call

A discovery call is a free initial consultation and the best way to find out if TNV Coaching is the best fit for you.  Calls usually last about 15-30 minutes and can be done via phone call or online Zoom call.

Initial Session

Once you have committed to a coaching program, you will have your initial appointment.  This session will be the most in depth of all the sessions and it will lay the foundation that your plan will grow from. This session can last from 75-90 minutes.

Follow up sessions will continue to work you toward your main goal.  Each week will be an opportunity to assess and discuss your wellness journey.  These sessions last around 45 minutes.

Follow Up

Pricing for  Coaching,

Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting

8 Sessions $440 ($55 p/session)

12 Sessions $600 ($50 p/session)

16 Sessions $720 ($45 p/session)


Individualized Yoga - $75 p/session

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