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Nutrition Supported Programs

A multi-faceted approach to your wellness journey

Every client is different, with different needs and different interests. Depending on the clients goals, they may need additional tools for support in several areas.  Coaching alongside a specific supplement or nutritional program could add an additional layer of action and accountability.

These programs are designed to hone into a variety of wellness roadblocks. 

Clients learn portion control, connect to and heal relationships with food, jump start weight loss or explore cooking and eating a whole food based diet.

And while each program has a set out path to work through, every client will have individualized coaching

Transformation program;  for those looking to fully commit to their health journey, with a weight loss and/or detox focus.  Alongside coaching, this program utilizes various supplements to bring about better health in 8 weeks.  Designed to create not only a physical transformation, but a mental and spiritual one as well, this program will leave you feeling physically and energetically lighter.  This program is 12 weeks long and participants will commit to 8 weeks of supplements, with 2 weeks on each end for prep and follow up sessions.

Supplements cost $510($330,180) and must be purchased prior to the start of the program to ensure a smooth transition from month to month.  All supplements are vegan, gluten free and organic.


The Whole 30-But not THAT whole 30 Program; For those looking to gain or stretch their cooking skills.  Great for those who have gotten into an eat out way too much rut.  Simple in focus, but a challenge in practice.  This program spans 6 weeks total and is focused on consuming nothing, but whole and minimally processed foods for 4 weeks, with a prep week and a follow up week.  No foods are "off limits" and there is no cutting out entire food groups or families.   This is whole food cooking for REAL life!

Want the added accountability of a group? I do this program as group challenge 3 times a year!  Participants in either group receive The Whole Foods Diet book with recommended reading timeline, as well as portion control containers and food group plate.


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